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“Full Spectrum”: An Inspiring Partnership between Rainbow Oasiiis and Superblue

In the constantly evolving art landscape, two entities, Rainbow Oasiiis and Superblue, have come together to launch an initiative that’s as diverse as it’s inspiring – the “Full Spectrum” programming series.

Established by Aileen Quintana/ Haiiileen Rainbow Oasiiis is a unique artist-in-residence program dedicated to nurturing and showcasing artistic talent. Nestled in Miami’s vibrant Allapattah neighborhood, Rainbow Oasiiis embodies an artistic haven where creativity is both nurtured and celebrated.

Partnering with Rainbow Oasiiis, Superblue, under the leadership of Shantelle Rodriguez, is an experiential art center that places emphasis on immersive experiences. With a commitment to catalyzing shared human connection and engagement through art, Superblue has established itself as a platform that transcends conventional art presentation methods.

Full Spectrum is the embodiment of their partnership, representing a cohesive blend of experiential artistic events, education, and community outreach. This ongoing programming series, set to commence in April 2023, will involve a sequence of experiential artistic events that underscore the potential of immersive art experiences.

The initiative’s first venture, Chroma Art Film Festival, underlines the dedication of Rainbow Oasiiis and Superblue to foster creativity and embrace new technologies. By including a category for AI-generated videos, the festival is paving the way for the future of film, and thus, storytelling.

Full Spectrum is more than just an event series; it is a clarion call to artists and art lovers alike. It seeks to extend opportunities for participation at all levels of the creative process, whether that’s partaking in engaging panel discussions led by local experts, joining in children’s art programming, or experiencing the dynamic concert series.

Full Spectrum is the brainchild of a shared vision – to redefine the boundaries of artistic expression and provide a platform for a diverse set of voices within the art community. This initiative underpins the unyielding commitment of Rainbow Oasiiis and Superblue to create impactful, immersive, and innovative art experiences.

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