Winner of Best AI-Diven Film: Floral Zombification Via Attention Node Networks by Derrick Schultz at the Chroma Art Film Festival by Rainbow Oasiiis and Superblue

WINNER AI DRIVEN FILM 2023 “Floral Zombification Via Attention Node Networks”: An Intimate Look into Derrick Schultz’s Vision

The Chroma Art Film Festival, renowned for its appreciation of AI-driven films, recently showcased a unique and profound piece by Derrick Schultz titled “Floral Zombification Via Attention Node Networks”. With musical undertones provided by Kid Simpl, the film redefines the intersection of technology, art, and society.

Derrick Schultz: Merging Technology with Traditional Cinematic Art

1. The Fusion of Film, Tech, and Environment

Schultz candidly reveals how experimental film history, technological advancements, and environmental concerns seamlessly influence his creative pursuits. He remarks, “Experimental Film has always tapped into technology’s fringes—both ancient and futuristic—to amplify cinematic expression. And climate change is the unfortunate aftermath of two centuries of technological exploitation.”

2. Infusing Past Films with Machine Learning

Schultz’s fascination with the video game “The Last of Us” and the controversial “Holographic Tupac” phenomenon drove him to consider the ramifications of technology reviving the past for commercial gain. “With the tech in our grasp and the vision of current CEOs, the resurrection of past art for profit seems inevitable,” he states.

3. AI’s Takeover of Past Films

Schultz drew inspiration from the cordyceps fungus and its domination of ant hosts. The filmmaker employed a custom-trained text-to-video model, utilizing an ancient educational film as its foundation. He comments, “The Kid Simpl soundtrack and the spontaneous glitches present throughout serve as metaphors for unease and skepticism.”

4. From Design to Social Commentary

His extensive design background with renowned entities like Sony and HP coupled with features in esteemed publications such as the New York Times has shaped Schultz’s approach to art. “Collaboration pushes boundaries, but true freedom lies in self-expression. My avant-garde works often attract Art Directors,” he mentions.

5. Educating the Next Wave of AI Artists

Schultz believes teaching keeps him grounded and broadens his horizons. As he puts it, “Teaching sharpens my understanding. AI is potent and transformative, but it’s not some mystical force.”

6. AI’s Dubious Future in Visual Storytelling

Schultz harbors reservations about the AI-driven future, fearing it might perpetuate bland narratives. He observes, “There’s an overwhelming sway of commercial Hollywood influences and a dearth of genuine exploration.”

7. Striking the Perfect Balance

For Schultz, engagement is key. “My creations might not resonate with everyone, but they’re never dull. The initial viewing offers an experiential journey, and further reflection yields deeper insights.”

8. The Struggles and Triumphs of AI Art

Every AI encounter is a challenge for Schultz, fraught with issues from software glitches to poor documentation. “Yet, the satisfaction of that one perfect output overshadows the plethora of failures,” he confesses.

9. AI Ethics in Artistic Expressions

On the ethical considerations, Schultz’s stance is unapologetically bold. “Companies founded on dubious grounds and engaged in aggressive IP acquisition don’t deserve ethical deference,” he states.

10. Charting the Future

Schultz envisions further experimentation, using technology as a tool rather than the main driver. “Although AI has influenced me, I’m eager to explore ‘datasets’ in diverse mediums, from raw video to analog film. The post-AI label signifies my evolution,” he concludes.

Dive into Derrick Schultz's artistic vision as he explores the fusion of AI and cinema in "Floral Zombification Via Attention Node Networks". Discover the intricacies of blending tech with storytelling.

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