Pangea Kali Virga with her installation Disco Grid (Don't Stop Til You Get Enough) at Chroma Art Film Festival by Rainbow Oasiiis and Superblue



Q: Can you introduce yourself for our readers?
Pangea: I’m Pangea, Colley Verga, a fiber artist and sustainability advocate based in Miami.

Q: What inspired your participation in the Chroma Art Festival, and could you describe the 3D world you’re creating for it?
Pangea: The festival and my love for textiles and community programming brought it all together. The piece I’m working on is a grid room made from upcycled ruffles rescued from Rainbow Oasis and repurposed. It’s a collaborative, sustainable effort.

Q: Could you tell us more about the materials used in your installation?
Pangea: The installation incorporates holographic, iridescent handmade ruffles, disco balls, tinfoil disco balls, and various lighting elements. The result is a somewhat trippy living room experience.

Q: As an artist, how do you balance sustainability and your creative process?
Pangea: Sustainability is integral to a healthy artist community. Artists sharing excess materials with each other is vital. For this project, using rescued ruffles is a prime example of sustainable creativity.

Q: Transitioning to the Chroma Art Festival, what challenges and breakthroughs have you faced as an immersive installation artist?
Pangea: Thinking about art in the context of space has been a challenge. This project required me to work with power tools, which isn’t typical for me. Overcoming these challenges was rewarding.

Q: How do you see the Chroma Art Festival shaping the contemporary art scene, and what are your hopes for its future?
Pangea: The festival showcases contemporary art in the moment, which is often overlooked in the arts industry. I believe people will be captivated by the films and the art, reflecting the present. I’m excited to see it evolve.

Q: What are your thoughts on your role as a flagship artist and mentor for the festival’s next generation?
Pangea: I see my role as helping shape the future of the festival. I’m eager to mentor emerging artists, sharing insights on formatting, space, and sustainability, and helping them evolve in the vibrant art world.

Q: Finally, how has your experience been working with Haiiileen and the Chroma Art Festival team?
Pangea: It’s been a fantastic experience. Haiiileen has set a stage for success, and the festival is poised to captivate audiences. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be part of this exciting event.

Q: Thank you for sharing your insights with us, Pangea. We look forward to experiencing your immersive installation at the Chroma Art Festival!
Pangea: Thank you for having me. I’m excited to share my work with everyone at the festival.

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