Patrick Oleson installation at the Chroma Art Film Festival by Rainbow Oasiiis and Superblue


In a recent interview, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Haiiileen, the founder and director of the Chroma Art Film Festival, and Patrick, an installation artist known for his unique approach to visual expressions. Here’s a glimpse into our conversation about the festival, artistry, and life as an artist.

Haiiileen: A warm welcome to all our readers. Today, I’m chatting with Patrick, an instrumental figure in our inaugural Chroma Art Film Festival. Patrick, could you share a bit about yourself and your role in the festival?

Patrick: Hello! I’m an artist and educator associated with the Bass Art Museum. I’ve recently joined ICA’s education program too. My journey into education has been about introducing unconventional, creative projects, especially for students with a science background. It’s all about helping them communicate what they’re learning in new ways.

Haiiileen: Absolutely, art is about offering a multi-dimensional approach to creative processes and problem-solving. Your work has a whimsical, almost childlike aura. Yet, it also has an element of rebellion. It reminds me of someone who doesn’t want to grow up.

Patrick: Well, there’s a reason for that. The recurring motif of “middle fingers” in my installations symbolizes the challenges of freelancing in Miami and the struggles of adulting as an artist, especially with politicians enacting less-than-helpful laws. I wanted to convey the sentiment of resisting societal expectations.

Haiiileen: That resonates with me. Rainbow Oasis, the platform that kickstarted the Chroma Art Film Festival, emerged out of my challenges. As artists, we face many struggles. Yet, it’s essential for us to keep pushing boundaries and finding our voice. I believe that we have created a unique platform that not only showcases art but also delves deep into the societal issues we face.

Patrick: The festival felt very community-driven. I’ve never felt such a sense of belonging in any art event before. Connecting with fellow artists, including you and Casey, has been incredibly enriching.

Haiiileen: I’m truly grateful for artists like you who bring depth and dimension to our festival. Despite the challenges, we continue to create opportunities, ensuring that artists have a platform to express and engage.

To all our readers: Art is not just about the final product; it’s about the journey, the struggles, and the tales behind each piece. Let’s continue to support each other, building stronger communities around the passion for art.

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