Winner of Best Experimental Short: Steps out of the blue by Hector David Rosales at the Chroma Art Film Festival by Rainbow Oasiiis and Superblue

Hector David Rosales: A Beacon of Talent in the World of Cinematography

The vibrant tapestry of the cinematic world thrives on fresh perspectives, and Hector David Rosales embodies this essence. Recently crowned the winner of the best experimental short at the Chroma Art Film Festival, his work resonates with audiences on a profound level.

From his roots as a Cuban child actor to making waves in Miami as an acclaimed cinematographer and director, Rosales’ journey is a testament to passion, resilience, and artistic evolution. His background lends depth to his narratives, as witnessed in his masterpiece, “Steps out of the blue.” A poignant tale of a young woman’s introspection within a new society, the narrative teems with vulnerability, confusion, and ultimate liberation.

But who is Hector David Rosales? Here’s a snapshot. Born in Cuba, his cinematic foundation was laid with notable features such as “José Martí, el Ojo del Canario” and “La Pared de las Palabras,” both helmed by the esteemed Cuban filmmaker, Fernando Pérez. Educated in Cuba’s prestigious institutes ENA and FAMCA, Rosales’ transition to the U.S. was pivotal, culminating in works showcased in HBO, Sundance Lab, and various film festivals.

The journey wasn’t just about accolades. It was about storytelling, exploring human connections, and giving life to tales that resonate. When asked about the inspirations behind “Steps out of the blue,” Rosales shared insights into his immigrant experience, the ensuing challenges, and the universal journey of self-discovery.

Rosales’ unique background and experiences have enriched his storytelling capabilities. His move to the U.S., reconnection with old friends, and adaptation to new realities pushed him to craft narratives that bridge cultural gaps, all while honoring his roots.

Engaging with the audience at events like Superblue, Rosales revels in the opportunity to connect, share, and absorb. Observing audience reactions, engaging in discussions, and being part of a nomadic viewership, where the creator can sit incognito beside an engrossed viewer, are moments he cherishes.

His future seems bright and vast, with plans to dive into observational documentaries and continue exploring themes close to his heart. Rosales remains a beacon for Miami’s film community, highlighting the importance of platforms like the Chroma Art Film Festival in fostering collaboration, connection, and growth.

For budding filmmakers and cinema enthusiasts, Hector David Rosales stands as a beacon of inspiration, proving that with passion, determination, and a unique voice, the world is indeed a stage.

Bio: Hector David Rosales is a Cuban-born cinematographer and director based in Miami. His work has been showcased in HBO, Sundance Lab, Clermont Ferrand International Short Film Festival, Vancouver Film Festival, Documenta Madrid Festival, and Havana Film Festival among others.
Since relocating to the U.S. in 2017, Rosales has filmed Razing Liberty Square, the latest documentary film directed by Academy Award for Best Documentary nominee Katja Esson, the narrative short film Me 3.769 (2018) directed by Elaine del Valle which premiere at the Miami Film Festival and airs on HBO in 2019, and Hapi Berdey Yusimi In Yur Dey (2019) directed by Ana Alpizar and Commissioned by Borscht Corp.
His career began as a child actor in theater plays and feature films including José Martí, el Ojo del Canario (2011), and La Pared de las Palabras (2014), both directed by the prestigious Cuban filmmaker Fernando Pérez.
Rosales graduated in 2009 as an actor from ENA (Cuba’s National Arts School) and in 2015 he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Cinematography from FAMCA (Cuba’s Superior Institute of Arts).
He has a broad background directing and photographing music videos and documentaries that have earned him recognition and awards for his work. As an artist, Rosales seeks to explore the human aspect of every story.

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