“Tlaloc (Lines Drawn in Water)”

Director and Writer : Abinadi Meza

Bio: Abinadi Meza (US/MX) is a Latinx-Indigenous artist who studied creative writing, art and architecture, and whose practice includes experimental film, sound art, and installation. Meza’s films are made with found and original footage, hand-painted film, and original soundtracks.Meza’s award-winning films have been presented at: Anthology Film Archives, New York; Antimatter, Victoria BC; Athens International Film & Video Festival; Atlanta Film Festival; Aurora Picture Show, Houston; Blaffer Art Museum, Houston; Bogotá Experimental Film Festival; Festival de Cine Radical, La Paz; Cosmic Rays, Chapel Hill; Crossroads Festival, San Francisco; Festival ECRÃ, Rio de Janeiro; Esto Es Para Esto, Monterrey; Filmmakers’ Cooperative, New York; Flatpack Festival, Birmingham; Houston Cinema Arts Festival; Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin; Istanbul International Experimental Film Festival; Kassel Dokfest, Germany; Mientras Tanto Cine, Montevideo; Minneapolis Institute of Art; non-syntax Festival, Taipei; ULTRAcinema, Tepoztlán; Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis; and Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus among other

Cinematic Poetry/Video


United States

Film: Tlaloc (Lines Drawn in Water) is a handmade cameraless 16mm film of materiality and transformation – an enigmatic otherworld where hues of water evolve into multicolor ecstasies. Tlaloc is the deity of waters, rain, lightning, and growth in the Aztec pantheon. This film explores the membrane of film itself – a moving skin marked by fluid, punctured by light. The protean soundtrack was entirely composed with contact microphones to capture handmade surface markings and gestures. The motion picture was made from direct animation, scratching, hand-painting and contact-printing processes.

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