“Levels & Bosses: Part One Gameplay Trailer”

Director: Leo Castañeda

Bio: Leo Castañeda (b. 1988, Colombia) is a video game director and multimedia artist exploring interdependent and posthuman interaction design. His artwork primarily takes form in episodic games and immersive installations that meld Latin-American Surrealist painting, virtual reality, augmented reality, wearables, video, and sculptural furniture. Castañeda is a 2023 Knight Arts + Technology Fellow, 2022 Emergent Strategy Ideation Institute Praxis Projects, and a 2022 Harpo Foundation grantee. He is a former resident of the Bronx Museum AIM Program, SOMA Mexico City, Oolite Arts, and Khoj International Artists Association in New Delhi India. He has exhibited at Haus der elektronischen Künste Basel; Espacio ArtNexus Bogotá; Children’s Museum of Manhattan; Digital Museum of Digital Art, Indiegrits; South Florida Cultural Consortium; Locust Projects, Miami; Frost Museum of Science; and Museo de Arte Moderno La Tertulia, Colombia. His work has been featured across Rhizome, ArtNexus, Killscreen, El Pais, El Nuevo Herald, Spike Art Magazine, and Vice. In 2022 Castañeda launched Miami’s first fine-art video game studio, Otro Inventario.



United States

Credits:Leo Castañeda-Director
Lauren Monzon-Producer
Jaime Soto-Kure-Programmer
Victor Gamboa-Sound Design
Milly Cohen-Editor
The Glad Scientist-Associate Programmer

Film: Trailer as video-art for Levels & Bosses a symbolic adventure game where players explore hand-crafted neo-primordial worlds, solve environmental puzzles, & alter relationships with bosses. You, The Other, adapt to a cataclysmic explosion using vibrational touch terraforming, camouflage, & electromagnetic sensors. Through worldbuilding combining Latin American abstraction/surrealism, romantic landscape painting, South Florida biology, gaming culture, and anime mythologies, Levels & Bosses redefines the concepts and aesthetics of games as art through experiences where all landscapes, technology and beings are identifiably interconnected.

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