“Bling Bling”

Director: Shristi Singh

Film: ‘Bling Bling’ takes you on a glistening journey across a parallel universe both shiny and new. In this fictional short, a lone coin serves as a portal into countless alternate realities elevating the otherwise mundane currency token to hero status. Watch it rise.

Bio: Shristi Singh (she/her) is an independent designer and writer, originally from Mumbai, currently based in New York. In her Design + Technology program at Parsons, she focuses on expanding her storytelling vocabulary through the creative use of alternative immersive media. Her first-ever short, Bling Bling, is the culmination of her passion for whimsical otherworlds, procedural art, and three-dimensional imaginations. Her creations have been exhibited internationally including MozFest 2022, India Film Project, Times Square, and the wrong biennale in virtual and physical spaces alike. 



United States

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