Director: Tara Long

Bio: Tara Long is an artist that was born, raised, and is currently working in Miami FL USA.
Long is most known for her work as
Poorgrrrl, a left field-pop doomer alter ego from the
years 2015-2021.

Long is a world builder. Through her work as Poorgrrrl she created music, videos,
installations, and live performances. Long’s more recent work includes an installation titled
The Universe Is A Tit, which includes a combination of sculptural, video and sound
pieces tied together by an allegory.

Tara Long’s artistic practice is driven by expression, with a focus on performance, video and now– software, AI and oil painting. Long’s work serves as a means of discovering her true identity after experiencing the trauma of being orphaned at a young age. Through art, Long experiments with different identities, de-constructing and re-constructing her origin story using surrogates that isolate and amplify singular aspects of herself. This process enables Long to explore multiple versions of her own experiences, externalizing and overcoming tired narratives and pain. Long’s art represents an effort to acknowledge her own existence and the circumstances that shaped it. Long uses art to affirm her identity and develop herself since she has otherwise felt invisible and uncertain of her identity.

SAME is a video companion to an unreleased Poorgrrrl track from 2017. Long prompt-directed the ai-model to showcase a group of contemporary angels designing an abstract painting. 

The songs lyrics and textures present a sonic kaleidoscope of reflecting memories echoing off of each other, reminding the listener of the feeling that nothing will change, things will always be… “the SAME.”  This work is dedicated to AI angels– now that you have arrived…please save our souls! <3



Untied States


Film: track by poorgrrrl circa 2017
video by tara long april 3, 2023

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