“The Jaguar and The Border Echoes”

Director: Tere Garcia

Bio: Tere Garcia is a multidisciplinary artist originally from Monterrey, NL, Mexico, and currently based in Miami, Garcia is dedicated to using her art as a tool for self-expression, healing, and storytelling. She holds an MFA in Photography and Related Media from Parsons School of Design in New York City, and her work has been showcased in numerous exhibitions and publications. She is a Professor at Miami International University of Art and Design.

Throughout her career, Garcia has focused on exploring the complex themes of identity, place, and borders. She has traveled extensively throughout the United States and Mexico Border, using her art to confront the boundaries. With her work, she seeks to challenge the narratives of a border.

Cinematic Poetry/Video Art


United States

Credits:April Zapata-Key Cast

Film:The Jaguar and The Border Echoes is a video that delves into the interconnected narratives of human migration and the endangered Jaguar, amidst the challenges posed by the man-made structures of the US-Mexico wall.
Within the realm of uncertainty, the video unfolds, where a lost and trapped human figure battles against the constraints of a monochrome world. As the video progresses, ephemeral flashes of reality erupt, revealing transformative moments where the human figure metamorphoses into a Jaguar.

Intertwined throughout the video are flashes of a black shadow in the landscapes, symbolizing the unseen struggles. These elusive shadows embody the veil of oppression and confinement experienced by both humans and wildlife, including the endangered Jaguar, whose habitat and freedom are affected by the imposing border wall.

The video oscillates between three distinct realms—the monochromatic battles, the trapped Jaguar within the wall, and the enigmatic black shadow that transcends tangible and intangible borders.
Within this interplay, the body of the Jaguar crawls, runs, and yearns for escape along the border—a powerful metaphor for the disruptive impact of the wall on the delicate ecosystem and the Jaguar’s natural habitat. This symbolism resonates deeply with the human migrant’s journey, reflecting their pursuit of freedom and the challenges they face on both sides of the border.

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